Bruce Berryman

About Bruce Berryman

No matter what stage of fitness you’re currently at, Bruce Berryman is your guy. Driven by his desire to help people, Bruce has been working with a diverse clientele for over 12 years to help them reach their fitness goals. This includes elite athletes, high functioning professionals, veterans, new moms, celebrities and folks from all walks of life. He has even led the conditioning program for the Rollins Women’s Golf Team in 2016 – the year they won the NCAA Division II National Championship.

A native of Royston, Georgia, Bruce spent his early days as a star student-athlete at Georgia’s Emmanuel College. His search for ways to improve his athletic performance led him to explore physical training and conditioning. From his experiences of training for all three sports, he learned that aimless physical rigor alone doesn’t guarantee results on the field.

For Bruce, the formula to victory is a combination of setting goals, planning for those goals and then putting in the training hours. Through this formula and his expert guidance, Bruce has helped his clients to successfully reach goals they once considered unattainable. Rather than letting them set limits, Bruce created clear and detailed plans that mapped each step required to meet desired fitness and functional goals.

Bruce moved to Orlando in 2000 and became a history teacher at Life Academy as well as their basketball and football coach. Five years later, he became the head coach at Foundation Academy resulting in taking the school’s team to the top as district champions in five years’ time. Sensing that fitness was his true calling, Bruce started training at Lifestyle Family Fitness. Highlights of his fitness career also include being a personal trainer at the famed Gold’s Gym and being a multi sports performance specialist at Better Every Day Orlando.

Bruce has trained athletes belonging to major leagues like NBA, NFL and MLB. Athletes trained by him have competed in Olympic events, NCAA Baseball, NCAA Track and Field, NCAA Basketball and NCAA Football. Besides this, he has also been part of multiple unique training opportunities through which he has helped athletes and other folks reach their true physical potential. He has been a performance coach with PGA, LPGA, Under Armour’s All America Football Game, a dynamic performance movement specialist for Leadbetter and head trainer for Axe’s Generation Astronaut campaign.

The reason why so many folks trust Bruce with their fitness goals is his knowledge of conditioning, understanding of human biomechanics and disciplined training regimens that guarantee results. Holding Premier Certification from American College of Sports Medicine, Bruce is a one-man database equipped to deal with any issues that his clients might face in their quest to meet their fitness goals.

When Bruce takes a client under his wing, he makes sure that there is an open channel for communication. In fact, Bruce appreciates when clients make the effort to understand principles of fitness and exercise. By actively communicating with his clients, Bruce not only listens to what is being said but also infers and notes what is not being said. By sensing past frustrations and plans, Bruce can work on getting his clients the strength to overcome not just physical but also mental obstacles.

Bodies are made in the kitchen and no one understands this better than Bruce Berryman. Part of Bruce’s guidance is his nutritional coaching and meal planning. Bruce carefully plans the meals of his clients in accordance to their nutritional needs while also making sure that the diet is sustainable. Instead of telling you to eat boring, bland food, Bruce will design a balanced diet that is both flavorful and performance enhancing. In fact, you’ll rediscover your love for real food, making healthy eating more of a joyful experience than a chore.

One of the things that really gets Bruce’s goat is the amount of misinformation out there regarding fitness and body transformations. He knows too well about how these bad resources had kept many of his clients from reaching their goals, made them lose motivation and caused them to doubt their abilities.

That’s why he plans on creating a platform containing correct information to help individuals and communities who lack access. He wants to present this information in a manner that’s easy to understand so that more people can easily benefit from it. Eventually, Bruce wants the platform to grow into a community of fitness-oriented folks – a movement that can sustain momentum without his presence. He wants to equip people with the right knowledge so they can help themselves. This all ties in with Bruce’s greater goal in life to help and empower people, allowing them to be the architects of their fate.

Besides helping his clients, Bruce gives back to the community by volunteering at Orlando World Outreach Center (OWOC) and the Boys and Girls Club as a youth leader in his free time.



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